About Us

With the increasing reports of wildlife deaths and suffering due to rubbish, particularly plastic from humans entering oceans, rivers and streams and the end of ways to recycle these led to evaluating the plastic packaging and waste entering our home I started to look at ways we could reduce plastic consumption and waste. Where possible out with plastic bottles, replacing with glass, cardboard and tins in our pantry.

There were multiple items utilised in the bathroom on a daily basis that was also contained with plastic. So out with the shampoo in a bottle and replaced with a solid shampoo bar.

While the store brought solid shampoo bar I was using was great I thought surely I could make something just as adequate and affordable myself. So I started my journey to create a plant based, eco-friendly, affordable, organic and New Zealand made shampoo bar. 

I started getting requests from family and friends so I set about creating bars that would suit their varying hair types and needs. I even created a dog friendly bar.

With all this interest in plastic alternatives I thought I would start to offer my take on the solid shampoo bar to more than just family and friends.

So begins Ertho.


The Proto-Germanic form of earth meaning 'ground' and the origin of the English word 'earth'.

Through our travels through Europe we really connected with the way Scandanivian countries think and do things, particularly how active they seemed to be with the process of recycling  so it seems right and fitting to choose this as our company name.

Please join us on our journey to rid the Earth of plastic 3 bottles at a time (one shampoo bar is equivalent to 3 liquid shampoo bottles).


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