Here at Ertho sustainability is very important to us and we are working to improve this aspect in all areas of the business.

We have made a conscious effort in the selection and use of the ingredients in all of our products. All of our ingredients must met a set of criteria before we even consider them

  • Safe to use

  • Plant derived

  • Cruelty free

  • Non chemically sourced


  • Sustainably produced


This means we are working to source ingredients that do not have a negative impact on the environment they are grown and harvested from to ensure sustainability. One ingredient highlighted to be avoided is that of palm oil, with the growing demand for this having resulted in deforestation, fires and loss of habitat for native species in countries like Indonesia and Malaysia. The production of roundtable for sustainable palm oil (RSPO) aims to rectify this problem but until we are satisfied that certifications are correct and producers are being paid fairly we will not use palm oil in any form.

All of our ingredients must be Ertho friendly i..e renewable, non petroleum and solvent sourced and naturally derived with the minimum of chemical processing.

We do not use any animal derived ingredients in our products, although we do include silk protein in one of our conditioner bars, and no Ertho product is tested on animals.

As Ertho grows we also aim to make connections and work directly with producers to ensure they are paid a fair price and that the environment is well looked after thereby ensuring sustainability. 

The saying 'water water everywhere but not a drop to drink' is something I have increasely heard from my teenage years and the fact that only 0.3% of the water on earth is accessible or usable to us.  It makes sense to ditch the inclusion of water in your shampoo and conditioner where in their  liquid form water is one of the main ingredients and they are then going to be used with water while showering. Each bar you use is equivalent to at least two bottles of the same product in liquid form and means on average every bar saves about one litre of water.


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